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o.k. ... this sounds good, right?!
But can you put it into action?  
Can you really go 24 hours without complaining?
The cat knocks over the vase of flowers {again} sending water spilling everywhere!
The garbage is overflowing but nobody but you seems to see it!
The car in front of you has their cruise set 1 mile below the speed limit {and you can't pass them}!
Yet *another* glass of milk is spilled at supper!
The clerk at the store is just a crab.
You ordered a CHEESEburger but it came with no cheese!
Can you do it?
Can you find something good in each situation?  A glimmer of "hope"?
Flowers tipped, water spilled ... the counter needed to be wiped down anyway!
The garbage is full ... I have a home full of people to create garbage!
The clerk is a crab ... maybe they have a sick parent/spouse/child at home, but have to be at work, maybe they just got "that" call from the Dr. with bad news, you never know what is going on in their life ... BLESS them anyway ... …


Yes, I've seen this before.

Yes, this is truth.
Some days, my mind feels like all these open browsers on my computer!

Today is one of those days!
I have so many thoughts swirling that I can't even THINK about what I could/should/want to share!
We went to the gym today for the first time in a long time and it was amazing!
I need to organize/update my LuLaRoe albums and take photos.
I can't believe how amazing my LuLaRoom smells with Tangerine/Lemon/Peppermint diffusing!
I LOVE, love, love wearing make-up {and even lipstick} again thanks to Senegence and LipSense!
I LOVE, love, love that my daughter texts me recipes to try in my InstantPot!
I hate that we have an empty nest, but love that all of our kids are self sufficient, amazing young adults!
I'm excited that we're going to CHICAGO this weekend!
I LOVE seeing how God is working in my life, in Rick's life and in our marriage!

I can't believe I didn't love animals before I met Rick ... 

I mean seriousl…


This is a tough one for me ....

All my life, I've tried and failed, and tried and failed to be "enough" for others.
I strive, 
and I try 
and I fail 
to be a good daughter, sister, sister-in-law, wife, mommy, cousin, friend, employee, business owner ...
It is a process, and I know that I have not arrived by any means, but I'm slowly learning that
I'm created in HIS image.
I'm loved extravagantly by HIM.
If I were the only person on earth, HE would have died {and rose again} for me.
I will continually fail my earthly family & friends but HE sees me as beautiful 
For some, I will always
talk to much
 or be to boisterous
or too emotional
I may never be
thin enough {or I may be too thin}
or patient enough
or organized enough 
"not enough" {or too much} for others.
BUT ... in God I can know that I am
and loved 
and HE adores me 
and because of that ...
xo, sheila ♥