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August 18 . . . 8/18 . . . as I wrote that date at work today, I wanted to complete it 8/18/56, because for YEARS that is the date I filled in on any type of form that required Rickey's date of birth.  Two years ago, we celebrated him "turning the speed limit" when he turned 55.  Who would have EVER dreamed on that sunny August day that 2 1/2 months later, we would be saying good-bye and that Rickey would forever be 55 in our minds? So today, this day again filled with SO MANY memories of birthdays gone by, my Birthday wish to Rickey is this:
"Happy Birthday, Bud.  I can't believe that you are spending your 2nd Birthday in HEAVEN.  I'm pretty sure that days like this don't mean much when compared to the splendors of Heaven, but today, on earth, we will still celebrate YOU!  Though our human minds will NEVER grasp the reason that you had to leave us so soon, we WILL rest in the confidence that God does not make mistakes.  We might not like what happens, but…