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. . . Lord willing
January 2014 . . . 

Starting the process . . .  (Rick has a passport, I do not)

a picture IS worth 1,000 words!! (and more!)

Robin and one of his new friends . . .  we will be traveling with Robin and others! :) 

My sweet friend Jen . . . proving that love has no "color"

Game time . . . :)

The Summer 2012 "Travel Team" 

A map of Liberia, Africa!  :) See Yekepa . . . ??!! :)

Where in Africa is Liberia . . . Right THERE  (in yellow)!!

"A" is Chicago, Illinois (where we fly out of) "B" is Monrovia, Liberia, Africa (where we fly in to)!

Please pray with us as we begin this "journey" . . .  We will be saving money (big time), doing some fundraising and looking for financial support . . .  Right now, though, the biggest gift you can give us is your prayer support!!
So excited to see what GOD has in store!
Exodus 3:12 . . .  "He said, "but I will be with you"!"

what is contentment?

I remember my life being all nice and tidy.  Easy {basically} and
carefree.  The kind of life that appears to be a pretty package, wrapped up in a pretty bow.  A very contented life.

I can list the blessings easily!

Married to my best friend.
Three beautiful/well behaved daughters.
Two amazing  step kids, their spouses and the grandbabies.
A nice home – with an awesome yard … and a swimming pool!
Enough money to pay bills and a little extra for enjoyment.
Reliable vehicles.
Family nearby.
Jobs we liked.
A great church family.
Wonderful friends.

I could continue all day – there were SO MANY BLESSINGS!  We were content, so very content and blessed!

Our lives had been touched by very little tragedy.  Despite some health scares, cancer/heart attacks/accidents with our parents, all 4 of them were alive and doing quite well – our kids had all 4 grandparents to love on them.  We and our siblings & sibling-in-laws were basically healthy.  Our children and grandchildren were healthy. We hadn’t faced much adver…
February 14 . . . .
Ahhhh, the day of hearts and romance.
Or, a Hallmark holiday?
Perhaps a little of both?
This year, it was a day of conflicting emotions.   An “emotional roller-coaster” if you will.  
For those of you who don’t know, February 14 is not only Valentine’s Day, but mine and Rickey’s anniversary.  It seemed the PERFECT day to be married 21+ years ago. Romance was in the air.  Forever stretched out before us.  We would grow old together, and he would not have to remember 2 special days, we’d “kill 2 birds with one stone”.  So sweet.  Except that our forever was cut way too short and we never got the chance to grow old together.  
So our anniversary, a day which is usually celebrated mostly by the couple who has reason to celebrate, is also shared with a day that receives much attention . . . in the candy aisle in any store, in the card section of any store, on T.V., almost everywhere you look.  Facebook {at least mine} was filled with pictures of the flowers, and candies…