so much change!

i always say i am going to be better at this blog thing and then i get busy and it’s one of the first things to go, even though it’s relaxing for me to write out thoughts, so i’ll try again!

here we are, settled in to our cute apartment in chattanooga...it’s not a “tiny home” but it’s close! we have three rooms! a combination kitchen, dining, living room space, a bedroom and a bathroom ... and we love it! 

i never dreamed i would love city life, and life away from “home” but i have to say, i love it here!

here are a few pictures of our new home and my weekend project, repurposing an old butcher block table into a rolling kitchen island! i posted from my phone and they posted in kind of random order! sorry, i’ll have to try and figure that out! :)

if you care to follow our adventures, i plan to try and share more re here on a regular basis, you can sign up to be jotiwhen i post if you want, and if you’re not interested, i completely understand! 

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