an old comfy sweatshirt

It’s a slip into an old comfy sweatshirt kind of day!

You know those days, nothing you must do except fix lunch, finish up some laundry, get ready for the week and relax with your best friend watching the new XFL football league – have you watched? Do you have a favorite team?

This old comfy sweatshirt kind of day is a favorite kind of day for me!

I’ve not officially blogged in a long time, though I’ve posted some pretty long posts over on my Facebook page! I do want to get back to blogging and not post such long posts on Facebook! I’m going to try my best to keep up with it! Please, stick with me if you’d like! You can sign up to receive a notification by entering your email address in the *get notified when I post* section in the sidebar to the right! I PROMISE that I won’t EVER abuse or sell or share your e-mail address!

Now, back to that old comfy sweatshirt … while I love my comfy sweatshirt, it got me to thinking how easy it is to revert to old comfy ways of living, especially if life isn’t going exactly as I think it should be! Those times when my future is uncertain or I’ve been hurt by someone or I’m worried about someone I love.

Even though God is shaping me and molding me more and more into His likeness, when I’m squeezed because things haven’t gone my way or I just don’t understand life it’s so easy to fall back into old comfy ways of living or thinking or reacting. 

I find that these are the times I:

*become grumpy
*become judgmental
*think negative thoughts
*look to others for answers instead of God
*forget Who is in control
*doubt His constant love for me
*become irritable
*snap at Rick

Can you relate? While resorting to my old comfy sweatshirt for a cozy afternoon at home is not a bad thing, resorting to old bad habits of *stinkin’ thinkin’* is not a good thing!

When we resort to those old comfy ways, we are forgetting that in we are new creations; no matter how long ago we became Christians!

When I find myself in a place of sliding into old comfy thought patterns, I need to renew my mind, I need to realize what I’m doing, I need to ask Rick to pray for me, I need to immerse myself in scripture, inspirational music and prayer!

I’ve been focusing lately on quieting my mind, trying to find a nothing box ... for real? Guys claim there is such a place, I'm still working on finding it! It’s been a challenging practice, to be still and know, and to listen to what God is saying to me. I find it pretty easy to have a dialogue with God, but usually it’s pretty one sided … I do all the talking and expect Him to do all the listening! Learning to be quiet and listen to Him is something that has challenged me and stretched me and grown me!

Do you do this? Do you have any tips for doing this? How do you quiet your noisy thoughts? How do you still your mind, how do you avoid resorting to your old comfy ways that unlike a comfy sweatshirt are better left in the past?

Share in the comments ways you quiet your mind and focus on Him, I’d love to hear how God has worked in you and helped you in this way!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your link to your blog. I have enjoyed reading some of the old entries. As to quieting my mind~ a sweet friend and mentor (who was way younger than me) shared that there will be times when we are so overwhelmed that we will not have words and that we will not be able to listen like we want to. So, I go through the alphabet and think of words that are attributes of Christ ....A- Abba, B - beautiful savior, C-Christ alone, ----you get it. This gives my mind something to think about and lets me focus on Him. I am still praying for you.


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