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aaahhhh . . . yet ANOTHER favorite verse . . . 

Yet, when your world crashes down around you, seeking and SEEING His will sometimes become a bit harder to do.  Yet, I have tried my best to do that over the past 8+ months.

And here I am today.  Friday.  I just finished up my first week at my NEW JOB!  And I'm grinning  from ear to ear!  I am still totally lost.  I'm feeling really old as I try to learn SO MANY new things, but still, I'm GRINNING! :)  I'm working at the same place as one of my DEAREST friends, Renee.  I know SO MANY other people who work there (more about THAT in a minute).  I had orientation on Monday & Tuesday and the CEO and others in upper management had lunch with us on Tuesday.  They came in and sat down with us and asked us about US!  There were a number of us in orientation, and we went around the table telling a little about ourselves.  There are, I think 700+ employees - and they took the time out of their busy day to have lunch with us.  I was impressed!  

As the week has gone on, I have gotten to know my co-workers in my department little by little.  They are amazing!  It's like gaining a new "family".  It's just what I needed!  

Part of my job will be working in the ER.  I have been asked if that would be hard.  My answer was and is, NO.  I prayed about this job.  I "sought" after God's will.  I trusted Him (if you'll remember, I was even unemployed for a brief time!)  God GAVE me this job.  I will seek to honor Him in this path.  Maybe, just maybe, I can be a soft word, a tender hug, or a comforting presence to someone else who has to endure what we did on November 5.  Just like Nurse Erin was to me that day! . . . that's where I want to touch on the other people who I will work with - outside of my department, but still working at the same place.  If you have read my blog long, or have gone back and looked at it from the beginning, you will know what a blessing Erin was to me on November 5!  Well, today, as my co-worker who was training me and i walked down the hall, through the double doors, right past the room that we received our earth shattering news, past the room the shell of Rick's earthly body was in, past the nurse's station where I gave the transplant team the information they needed, I saw her.  Erin!  She was working today.  I walked past (just to make sure it was her) and then went back.  And we HUGGED and I think we both cried a bit.  She's as sweet today as she was November 5.  I shared with her how far we've come.  How far GOD has brought us.  How tender, loving and gracious God has been to us.  I told her I've blogged about HER . . . and we smiled, happy to be working "together" now.  It was kind of a "full circle".  I had seen her about a week after the accident, but everything was new and fresh and raw yet then.  Today it was so GOOD to see her!  I felt like we had a bond.  Like in that instant on November 5, God had given us a common bond.  Not one I'd have asked for, yet, had to endure.  And there in the middle of that day was an angel sent by God to minister to me.  And minister she did.  I think of her so often, and now am happy to be working with her.  God does work in mysterious ways.  God's plans are not my own.  God does promise that if I seek, He WILL direct my path.

My path that this week contained so much "new" in my normal, yet here at the end of it, I'm rejoicing!  I grew this week, mentally, physically (no, I didn't gain weight, I started eating healthier), and spiritually.  I (who usually keeps my kids in a "bubble") let them "go" a bit!  I let Tessa & friends go to Oshkosh on Saturday night.  Tessa and Taya are currently on their way home from Milwaukee . . . this my girls who previously I'd not let go to Appleton alone . . . yes, this week, we've all stretched, we've all grown, we've all seen more "new" in our normal.  And we are all surviving!  

God is Good!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and  lean not on your own understanding . . . in ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths!

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