for those of you who don't multi-task, this will make no sense, but for those who do, I think you'll get it!

it is h.a.r.d. to shut down my brain. to think of only one thing. to focus on the task at hand and only the task at hand!

after yesterday's post, i found myself reminding myself that i could not post to instagram, begin my friend's online social, put the dogs out and start supper while.i.was.in.the.shower ... yet my mind was processing all those thoughts and more ... ugh! it's going to be hard to teach this old dog new tricks, but i'm willing to work at it. 

today was a new day. i think i did a little better. i felt a little more focused on the tasks at hand. i made supper and actually stayed in the kitchen the whole time i was working on it, that's a start, right?!

tomorrow is another day. one.step.at.a.time.  one.day.at.a.time! i know that i will have a much happier husband if i can learn to do this. i know that i'll actually accomplish more and with better results if i can learn to do this. i know that my stress level will be reduced if i can learn to do this. so, i'll keep trying. and for now ... on to the.next.thing. ... which will soon be the hot tub on this snowy yooper evening .... aaaahhhhhh i think that will be one place i can put everything aside and relax, we'll see!

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