if you are anything like me you probably have a to-do list in your mind {or several of them} and maybe a honey-do list, along with a bucket-list, and an "if i had the time" list and, and, and ... 

your mind is probably often overwhelmed with the would have's, could have's and should have's along with the need-to's, want to's and hope to's ...

no wonder we often feel overwhelmed, under appreciated and just plain stressed out!

no wonder 1 in 5 americans are currently on some sort of mood altering prescription medication.

no wonder our lives often seem like the same-old, same-old day in and day out.

no wonder we don't enjoy life, when we are constantly focusing on all of that instead of FIRST turning our focus to the One who gave us life!

in the course of life, we so often neglect the important {the REALLY important} for what we perceive to be important, or urgent, or necessary.  we focus on all we have to do and become so overwhelmed, nothing gets done!

just this morning, my mind was going in that direction!

rick and i had discussed this weekend that i should get back to blogging.  i enjoy writing, and it is a release for me, but really, WHERE will i find the time? what will i have to sacrifice to do it, what does it look like?  while i'm still not sure of all of the details, i do plan to get back to it - realizing that some days, it may be a mere sentence or two, some days it may read more like a short novel, and that's o.k.!

so, this morning, i sipped my coffee while reading my devotions, while snuggling the dogs, while trying to pay attention to what kajsa had planned for the day, while planning my next instagram post, while thinking about how to grow my keep business .... while making my "lists" for the day {yes, i am the epitome of a multi-tasker - doing much at once and often doing none of it well}. remember amidst this insane multi-tasking roller-coaster i was on, i was {attempting} to read my devotions ... i opened my "Jesus calling" app on my phone to read today's devotional and WHAM ... sometimes God does use a 2x4!

"follow me one step at a time. that is all I require of you.  in fact, that is the only way to move through this space/time world.  you see huge mountains looming, and you start wondering how you're going to scale those heights ... {get app here for iOS}"

ouch! so i shut out my lists, i re-read that first paragraph, i put down my coffee, and i took a deep breath.  i thanked God that He really does meet me right.where.i.am!  then i read the rest of the devo. i gave rick my full attention as he prepared to leave for the day and then i sat down to revamp my blog - after saying a prayer for a clear mind and guidance, since the changes i attempted last night in "multi-task mode" had not been successful! and guess what? a few clicks here, a few clicks there and my blog looked like i wanted it to! hhmmm maybe this "multi-tasking" isn't all it's cracked up to be? 


today, i'm vowing {with God's help} to slow down and just do.the.next.thing!

i'll let you know tomorrow how my day went, but for now, i'm off to do the next thing!

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