in 2012, i left my job as high school secretary to take a position at our local hospital.

that position actually fell through before i was offered another position at the hospital ...  you can read about how God's hand was in that story in a blog post from July 2012 HERE!

in january 2014, my employment with the hospital ended when i {at my doctor's recommendation} did not receive my flu shot {yes, for real} but that's a story for another blog post ...

after that, i kept busy helping rick with our clinic/broga yoga studio and this fall, i went back to the school system as a substitute para-pro, primarily at the elementary school.  while i love the people who work there and i love the kids, this was a part-time, on call "gig", not income to be counted on for monthly budgeting.

so ... on a whim, i stopped in when i saw a "help wanted" sign at a local business and filled out an application .

after not hearing anything for a couple of weeks, i assumed that the position was filled and i told the school that i could fill in as long as they needed me in the young 4's program {the assistant teacher had taken another job, and while i could fill the position as a sub, i did not have the degree required to apply for the position}.

well ... as things go, almost as soon as i made that commitment, i got a call!

"would you like to come in for an interview? we are hiring, but not for the position you applied for."

i agreed to the interview and went and spoke with the lady {who was very nice!} ...

after the interview {which went well} and much {much}, did i mention {much} prayer, i accepted the position and let the school know that i could not come back to my subbing position after spring break.

today, i spent my first 2 shifts working in the dining room at 

"the harbors retirement community"!

this retirement community is housed in our old hospital {the one i was born in} that has been totally remodeled {and i must say, it is beautiful}!

i didn't sleep last night {i'm blaming the dogs, maybe it was nerves?!} and was up well before my alarm rang at 5:00 a.m. ... so was poor rick, but i appreciated having him up to send me off with a hug and a kiss and words of support and encouragement!

i am looking forward to this new adventure and to hopefully to being a blessing to these wonderful "elderly" folks in our community!  i have SO MUCH to learn ... like the names of all of the residents as that is how we take their orders and deliver their meals to their tables! i'm sure thankful for those long hours i spent working at ponderosa and the farm house as a teenager, but i'm not sure i can carry a tray full of food and drinks as well now as i did back then!

the position offers me a little more "free" time than being at the school would, and i'm in town, so  i'm available to rick at the clinic as well as to pastor and the rest of the staff at our church/the local homeless shelter. i'll be working the breakfast and lunch shifts on weekdays so i have late afternoons and weekends off as well!

i'm not sure what God has in mind, or where this position will take me, but i felt His leading very strongly in the events of this position opening up, so "where He leads, i will follow"!

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