days are a blur

.... from the moment we arrived at the hospital, life began to feel surreal, only 2 of my girls were with me, my "baby" girl was off with a friend for what was supposed to be a fun day at a Christian concert, Nick was with his family and Ashley with hers . . . the LORD provided us with just the support we needed, just when we needed it. DEAR friends who were able to find and connect with Kajzi and bring her home, Pastor & Bobbi who made many phone calls . . . and everyone else too numerous to mention . . . we were NEVER alone, and never felt outside of God's tender embrace.

I remember the nurse asking if I had any questions and I said something like, "is this a really bad dream?" and she replied, "the worst". She was tender and kind and I will forever be thankful for Nurse Erin and her tenderness!

She then asked if we had ever discussed organ donation . . . (I had always admired people who donated organs, thought what a wonderful gift it was, but always thought "no way", I'll never let them do that to someone I love), so when she asked, and I said no, we hadn't discussed it, she then asked, would you like to donate? Without hesitation, I said YES . . . then I think I actually looked around to see where the answer came from! I looked at the girls and said, you know, Auntie is waiting for a transplant, what do you think? Nurse Erin told us that we could not donate "organs" (heart, pancreas, etc . . . ) but tissue, corneas, and more that I can't remember. The girls said yes, and I told the nurse that if we could get ahold of at least one of the big kids to get their o.k., my answer was yes. When Bobbi finally talked to Nick, he answered yes as well, so the wheels were in motion . . . .

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