5 months ago tomorrow, I challenged some friends and myself to do "at least a mile, at least 5 times a week". My goal was to complete my C25K (Couch to 5K) training program and be able to run ONE 5K!! I barely made it through WALKING that mile on December 31, but I kept at it...because I can be a little stubborn and I like a challenge ... I DID run that 5K - on March 17 (thanks to the encouragement of a couple of great friends - 2 who even came and walked it with me!) .... If you would have told me on December 31 or even on March 17 that I would still be running, that I'd look forward to it, that now a mile feels like I skipped my workout, I'd have said you were cRaZy!! BUT, tonight, I headed out for a run, I got to the road where I'd usually go to run the 5 mile "block" and turned around a mile in, I wasn't "feeling" it....I kept going though and "feeling" it finally kicked in and I finished the night with my.longest.run.ever...7.5 miles!!!! I wore one of Rick's "Under Armor" Camo shirts and my Camo Packer hat ... I kinda felt like Rick was with me!! :). I know he's proud of me! But, boy do I miss coming home and HEARING his encouragement! Yep, still really missing my best friend tonight!!


  1. Wow Sheila! Can't offer you your best friends' encouragement but can offer you mine - what an amazing accomplishment! (Rick was there running right alongside and smiling all the while)

  2. Good Job! I know running is supposed to make you feel good, but I could never get into running. But I do like walking and hiking.


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