YOU saw me . . . ♥

Psalm 139:16

One of my favorite verses.

One of my favorite promises.

The promise that God KNOWS.

The promise that God KNEW.

God laid out Rick's days before even ONE had passed.

We don't understand, but GOD does.  Our days are in HIS hands and HE knew of them before we even came to be.  With HIM, there are no mistakes.

Tonight we got the news that one of my Aunts found out that she has cancer.  Not many details are known yet.  Those will come in the days and weeks ahead.  Another reminder to us of how precious LIFE is. Another reminder to live and laugh and love and hug our loved ones.  We DON'T know what tomorrow will bring.  BUT HE DOES!

Tonight, I will fall asleep with my Aunt & Uncle, their kids, grandkids & great-grandkids on my heart and in my prayers. I will be thinking about and praying for my dad and the other siblings. I am again reminded of how unpredictable (to us) life can be.  I'm thankful that we can bring it all to HIM who is not surprised by today's news, and I'm thankful that HE is already in our tomorrows.

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