I found this today on Facebook and had LOTS of ideas for the post to go with it . . . but, I prayed that God would lead me as to what I should write, because even though my thoughts were "true" thoughts that i have experienced, some were not necessarily "nice" . . . So, my plan was to blog after Tessa left to meet her friends at the "Avengers" movie at midnight . . . she was taking a nap before she went, and when she got up to go, she realized that perhaps SLEEP was more important than FUN!  A mature decision for my dear, sweet, so grown up firstborn!  So rather than her going, and I blogging, we chatted a little bit . . . not long, not a lot and not extremely deep, but still a good chat . . . so God spoke, and I shortened my thoughts - or at least put them on hold for tonight . . . instead, I leave you with the above thought, and my one thought that I WILL post here that being that the last line is truer than most people will EVER know "The offer, whilst well-meaning and often given, "Let me know if I can help?" is really no help at all  :(

I AM thankful to those who HAVE helped in so many ways, but have found that the "offer" is given MUCH more than the help itself!  The quote above was also mentioned with an article on grieving and how to help . . . if you are interested, you can read it HERE!  I only skimmed the article tonight because it's late, and I don't know that I agree with EVERYTHING in it, but it is pretty good!

This has been a CRAZY week - one of the craziest in a LONG time, but it's slowly winding down!  Tonight was Tessa's Senior Art show and Taya & Kajsa's band concert.  It was a really nice evening - Daddy would have been SO PROUD of his girls!  I know I am!  Saturday, Nick will GRADUATE from college (another PROUD Dad moment) and Daila & Maddie will have their dance recital . . . So thankful for these AWESOME kids God has blessed me with! 

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