Visiting the cemetery to visit Rick....still have a hard time connecting those dots....I am so thankful though that it really is only the final resting spot for his earthly body. Before his body could be lowered to ground, he was more alive than ever in Heaven! I'm also thankful for the beautiful spot that we were able to "lay his earthly body to rest" - it truly is a beautiful, peaceful spot.

Today's "Jesus Calling" devotional read, "You are My beloved child...I chose you before the foundation of the world, to walk with Me along paths designed uniquely for you...your hope and your future are rooted in Heaven"

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

So, even though a run to the cemetery still seems surreal to me, I can rest assured that God has designed even this path, uniquely for me.....and that my HOPE and my future ARE rooted in Heaven!

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  1. Beautiful spot, nice picture for our Special SON-In-LAW, Great Husband to our daughter, Great Daddy/Grand Papa,Great son/brother/uncle & and loved by just sooo many friends.
    A neat moment last night as Maddie was watching our photos on our screen saver and there came RICK and to see her excitement and reaching out to touch him! It was special! :) ♥


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