Father's Day.....

Ah, Father's Day .... I don't think I've ever given as much thought to it as I have this year. Though the day will be one filled with heartache for sure, I am also filled with pride! Pride in the awesome Daddy that my kids were blessed with! A man of integrity, who truly did "Love the Lord with all his heart, and his neighbor as himself"! Our time with him was cut way too short by our earthly standards, yet we DO have the assurance that some day we will have a glorious reunion ... in the place where there will be no more tears and no more parting! Oh, what a day that will be! Thank you, Rickey for sharing these years with me, for being the BEST Daddy to your 5 kids and an AWESOME Papa to the little ones! You will always be loved and nobody will ever take your place in our hearts!! Thank you for showing us how to love just a little bit better, serve a little more willingly, embrace all that life has to offer and most importantly for shining the light of Jesus to all those around you!! We will see you again and until then, we will do our best to make you proud!

I'm also blessed tonight for the Dads in my life!! To my Dad, Jerry, and Rick's Dad, Buck, both also men of God who have helped to make us who we are today! Their Godly example and steadfast love for their families is a blessing!! Thank you both for ALL YOU do for us!!

Also my step-son Nick and step-son-in-law Brian...you are both amazing dads and your kids (and wives!) are so blessed to have you!! Nick, the role you have stepped into in your sisters lives will never be forgotten!!

We are also blessed by the girls uncles, especially Uncle Tim and Uncle Jeff, who have provided love, support and advice - in so much the same way Daddy would have! Thank you for blessing us and thanks Rochet, Weston, Addie, Norma, Kaitlyn & Patrick for "sharing" Tim & Jeff with us!

I LOVE YOU ALL and wish you the Happiest of Fathers Days!

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