I'm learning . . . slowly!

... and I'm OFF (in my new bright YELLOW Fila SkeleToes) . . . this was the FIRST "hand-off" and the easiest step of the day yesterday (all teams did run a "starter" lap around the High School track to start the relay - then my team-mate who is "tagging" me here took off and we jumped in our support vehicle and headed to the first check point!)! My team-mate is just finishing the FIRST leg of 3-ish miles and was "tagging"  me for my first 3 mile leg!! 

... and here I am . . . out in the middle of "farm country" where most of the relay was run!  I'm about 1/2 way (1.5 miles) into that first leg.  Except for in the "exchange zones" (as pictured in the first picture) the majority of the running was done individually as everyone has a different pace!  There were always cheerleaders along the way though as each team (19 of them) had support vehicles and everyone cheered for everyone!  The atmosphere was so much fun!

The relay course was a 9 mile "loop" though the local country-side.  That 9 miles was broken up into three separate 3 mile legs.  The 9 mile "loop" was eventually run 4 times by each team for a total of 36 miles and with each runner ultimately running the entire 9 miles - just at 3 different times.  It was an absolutely amazing day - the weather was a little warm for us "Yoopers", but the sun was shining (I have a "farmer's tan" to prove it!), there was a nice breeze, and it didn't rain!

... we also did our final lap as a team (I blurred my teammates faces as I didn't get their permission to blog about them!).  At this point, we have all run 9-ish miles and are very happy to be DONE!

The event is called the "Hope Memorial Relay" and you can read more about it HERE!  I'm honored to have been a little part of such an amazing organization that serves our local cancer patients!

After my "roller-coaster" day yesterday, I awoke this morning to a devotional that read, "Welcome challenging times as opportunities to trust Me.  You have Me beside you and My Spirit within you, so no set of circumstances is too much for you to handle.  When the path before you is dotted with difficulties, beware of measuring your strength against those challenges.  That calculation is certain to riddle you with anxiety."  A good reminder to take ONE DAY AT A TIME (or more accurately, one MOMENT at a time)!

I was deliberate today in looking for God's blessings . . . and I saw them!  Mostly in the "little" things!  

School is done and I only had to work half a day - that's a BLESSING!

A "good-morning" e-mail from one of my "besties" - that's a BLESSING!

An early morning "thinking of you" text from a "new" friend - that's a BLESSING!

An awesome chat with a co-worker - that's a BLESSING!

Coming home and mowing my lawn (I LOVE to mow the lawn!)

- that's a BLESSING!

Finding this little flower (a little blurry) as I was mowing the lawn that sprouted up on its own amidst weeds and dry soil

- that's a BLESSING!

Going for a run (when I feared I'd be TOO SORE to attempt it!) and actually running it at my normal pace

- that's a BLESSING!

My Dad coming over and starting to turn my bedroom deck into a screened in porch for us

- that's a (huge) BLESSING!

Having another bonfire and making "pudgy pies"

- that's a BLESSING!

My backyard that looks like a park - giving me the beauty of God's creation EVERY SINGLE DAY

- that's a BLESSING!

Going to sleep with the windows open and hearing all the "summer sounds"

- that's a BLESSING!

. . . so, maybe, just maybe, part of my "roller-coaster" emotions are based on my mindset (?) really, could it be?!  And my FOCUS!  When I focus on me, and my problems, and what I don't have, and I start asking God WHY, I jump on the roller coaster and HANG ON because I am in for a ride!  Today, when I made a conscious decision to focus on GOD and HIS blessings (that's why I took pictures of those blessings - to keep me LOOKING for them), my "ride" became much more level than yesterday's roller coaster . . . interesting, isn't it?  

I KNOW that I will still have roller-coaster days.  I know that grief will hit me like a tidal wave when I least expect it.  I know that I will respond poorly to people and circumstances and "life" from time to time.  My focus will waiver - off of Him and on to me, on to circumstances, on to all the fears that want "in". I'm glad today though, that I was reminded of so many blessings that are there - for me - if I take the time to look for them!  I'm thankful that my devotional reminded me that my challenges are opportunities for me to trust God MORE!  I'm gad for the reminder that when I focus my eyes on HIM, when I keep my mind "steadfast" my day is much more peaceful!  I'm learning . . . slowly . . . and I'll have to learn - again and again and again . . . 

But, I'll keep in mind:

"You will keep in perfect peach him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You."  Isaiah 26:3

What blessings did HE give YOU today?

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  1. You have encouraged me today. My 49 year old husband died with cancer November 9, the day after my daughter's 21st birthday. This week has been difficult, perhaps with the anticipation of Father's Day but you have encouraged me this moment to diliberate look for the blessings of God. He is awesome, isn't He?


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