We survived another "first" today . . . and this a tough one because it was the day set aside to honor DADDY . . . 

We started our day by running over to say Happy Father's Day to Papa Jerry before we all headed off to church.  On the way to church, we delivered Auntie Bev her Birthday daisies . . . (YEARS ago, Rick picked Bev daisies for her Birthday - the number of daisies corresponding to her current age - I think it started when she was 16!)  It's a tradition that I fell in love with and we have continued it each year, and couldn't stop this year, so Bev again got her daisies - with love from RICKEY! ♥ (mixed in with just a few tears)


Church was good today, our new Liberian friend, Titus spoke as it is his last Sunday with us before returning to his homeland!  We also sang "It Is Well With My Soul" which has become a song very dear to my heart!

Following church, we grilled burgers with my parents and then Gramma & Papa Rye came over and we all celebrated (early) Kajsa's Birthday - she's going to end up with a week long celebration this year . . . fitting for her 13th Birthday!

We are now settling in for bed with a house FULL of girls!  We gained Daila & Maddie as well as Daisy this afternoon, so it will be a fun filled couple of days!!  Tomorrow, Sarah & Sarah (friends/cousin) will join the "gang of girls" and on Tuesday some more will come for Kajsa's "kid" party!

So, another "first" is almost done with.  I can't say they get easier, but, again, I can say that we survived.  God was ever present in our day and gave us constant reminders of HIS love!  

My devotional this morning was about how the Lord enjoys hearing our LAUGHTER . . . which seemed almost contradictory to the emotions that could have overridden our day, yet, we did find reason to laugh today.  We laughed while making lunch, while driving with the little girls, out by the pool, as we came in and got ready for bed, and many times in between.

"A cheerful heart is good medicine" . . . Proverbs 17:22

"Take my yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul.  For My yoke is wholesome, and My burden in light and easy to be borne."  Matthew 11:29-30

So, even on a "sad" day, we did have cheerful hearts and we felt our burden lessened by the Lord.  He is close at hand and provides just what we need each day.  Father's Day will NEVER be the same again, of that I am sure, yet, we will always honor our Fathers, here on earth with us, and those who have gone before us to Heaven.  We will press towards the goal of the prize that is set before us, secure in the knowledge of our eternal reunion . . . all in God's good timing!

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