Heavy heart....

Tonight I am going to bed with a heavy heart....a sweet friend I graduated from high school with was in a serious motorcycle accident last year. She suffered a severe head injury and has been receiving care in a nursing home most recently. Today (according to her husband's Facebook update) she was taken to the hospital for a high fever. She is currently in the ICU fighting yet another battle, this time, against infection raging in her body. Love you, Tracie, Jim and family ...

Also today, I was praying, asking the Lord to use me to bless others who may mourn the loss of a spouse...I found out late this evening of a 50 (ish) year old man in my town who passed away ... that was a prayer I really DIDN'T want an immediate answer to ... praying the comfort only God can give for this sweet girl and her 3 (yes, 3-same as me) daughters ...

Please pray for both of these dear families....that's all for tonight. I have some big things going on in my life, but tonight, even those things that seemed so important just a few hours ago pale in comparison to the requests mentioned above.


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