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The internet is being really "dumb" tonight, so I'm going to be SHORT because I'll be really bummed if I take the time for a llloooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg post and it gets lost somehow! 

Last night I suggested to the girls that we drive up to see Nick, Ashley & the girls today, an idea which was met with much agreement!  So after waking up early (though not as early as I'd planned because I FORGOT to set my alarm - thank goodness Tessa woke up!), we were on our way by 6:40 ish!  The roads were mostly dry and everything went smoothly.  We got to their church just a bit before it started and the little girls were TOTALLY SURPRISED :)  That's ALWAYS fun!!

We haven't been to their church for a Sunday service and I really enjoyed it! :) The sermon was on what the church MUST do in the coming year.  In a nutshell, the CHURCH MUST:

  • Pray.  Sounds basic, but do we REALLY pray - or do we pray when things get desperate?  A good reminder to me to be a better "pray-er", and to pray more frequently and consistently for others!
  • Be the GREATEST restorative force in the lives of those it contacts.  Pastor Kevin went on with an illustration that things that have been "restored" are usually better than they were originally.  That was another good one - do I actually work to "restore" others in my church - do I love and encourage?
  • Be reconciling.  At that point, he had the entire congregation come to the front of the church, as a GROUP, "The Church" to sing the closing song.
It was a very good sermon, and a really nice service - loved all the musicians during the song service :)  It's always hard to go to any "new" church, and Nick & Ashley both work with the kids at the church, so weren't in the regular service with us, but it was a VERY NICE morning!  I'm so thankful to Silver Creek Church and the love that they have shown to Nick & Ashley - since they moved there, and more importantly, these last two months.  Today, I could see WHY they love their church so much! ♥

Afterwards, we went out to Border Grill and I have a new favorite spot to eat! :)  It was REALLY good!

We made a QUICK stop at the mall (ONLY Taya made a purchase - some Bath & Body Works goodies) and then went to Nick & Ashley's.  I couldn't believe it, but I FELL ASLEEP on the couch - right there in the living room with all the commotion - I must have needed a nap! :)

We are now home and settled in for bed, earlier than in a LONG time and it feels GOOD! :) 

So, nothing overly "profound" today, but just a quick recap that GOD was good to us again today.  He allowed us a quick "surprise" trip that refreshed us (it's ALWAYS good to see those 3 little people - AND their MOMMY & DADDY!) ♥  I'm so thankful for the "big" kids that are in my life through Rick and am so PROUD of them!! :)  Nick & Ashley and Brian & Ashley are AWESOME "big" kids and all of them are such good parents to their little people.  I'm PROUD to be called their step-mom.  And the girls are definitely proud to be called their sisters!  I think this picture shows just a "glimpse" of how much the little ones are loved! ♥  (And if you know Ashley Beth, I think Kajzi looks alot like her in this picture)! ♥

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  1. LOVE reading your posts; I sometimes read them at night, IF I stay up late enough, & Dad does 1st thing in the AM. So happy that the Lord is 'using' YOU this way to minister to so many people as well as to us as parents! Just want you to know we are truly happy seeing your strength by fully trusting in the Lord for 'everything' & how your devotionals, songs, & SCRIPTURES you've been using are just what we all need! Love You and the girls SO much & will FOREVER cherish the memories of Rick and his life! AGAIN, Love You, Mom & Dad


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