Follow me.....

That was how my devo today started.... "Follow Me one step at a time."

I love when I see a theme, and I love the thought of one step at a time! That's all He asks! One step at a time with my eyes on HIM!!

Today was another uneventful day, and that's good. Everyone healthy for the day and all back to school. I have always hated having sick kids, now it's even worse. I feel so helpless, parenting is HARD, single parenting is unbelievable ... and this is it in the truest sense ... the girls & I don't get "weekend breaks" from each other, and I'm sure sometimes they wish they did ... especially when I'm having a crabby day ... Daddy isn't a phone call away when they need advice ... it's tough, and just another of those things most people don't/can't "get". I'm thankful God has brought another Mama into my life who is walking the same road, who "gets it"!

It's LATE, I'm tired and I still have a long two days ahead of me, so I'll close with the awesome picture I found on Facebook today....isn't it amazing?

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