I saw this yesterday and a blog post started swirling around in my mind . . . I went to start writing it last night, and my internet was out . . . I guess that was a sign from God that sleep was more important than writing!

As I read, and re-read (and read again tonight) the quote on this little picture, I had the thought of CIRCLES . . . 

...yes, CIRCLES!

The CIRCLES in my life (no, I'm not chasing my tail like a puppy - though sometimes I feel like it!)....

I'm talking about my "friend" circles (kind of like Google + to any of you familiar with that!)

One of my CIRCLES would be one of the tiny little ones above.  That would be the "me & God" circle . . . just the two of us.

A larger CIRCLE would be the "me & the girls" circle . . . just God & the 4 of us . . . our tight knit "new" little family . . . clinging to each other as we tread water and seek out our "new normal".

A little bigger circle would add the big kids & grand-kids . . . still our very close knit group . . . still treading water and finding our "new normal" as we cling to each other and what is familiar and comfortable . . . like only family can be!

But, then, beyond that, there are more CIRCLES . . . some smaller, some larger . . . EACH PERSON in my life fitting into one or another of those CIRCLES.  Some of the circles intersect and some don't.

I have come to realize over the past weeks that EACH circle is important and irreplaceable.  Some of my CIRCLES will be more prominent to me.  

The circle of me & God, me & the kids . . . those will be VERY PROMINENT.  The circle of my "core" people . . . those who are ALWAYS there . . . those who never see their schedule when I need them.  Those circles will stand out to me, those will be the ones that CARRY ME THROUGH the days and weeks and months ahead.

Different people will be in different circles at different points in my life and in this new journey that I am on.  Sometimes, family will be in one of those SMALL circles - sometimes friends, sometimes, it's just me & God.

What I have come to understand and am beginning to accept is that the circles are o.k.  I can't expect everyone to be my everything.  God has placed everyone in my life for a purpose.  I will grow because of each person in my life, and ultimately, the CIRCLE that contains me and HIM is the most important CIRCLE . . . That is the CIRCLE that I need to find my REST in.  That is the CIRCLE that I will find COMFORT in. That is the only CIRCLE that will fully satisfy . . . the only place that my strivings will cease, that my longings will be filled, that my tears will be dried, and ultimately, the only place that I will find PEACE.

I am TRULY thankful to the FRIENDS in my life, even more thankful to those few friends who DON'T look at their schedule when I need them!  I'm thankful that GOD never has to look at HIS schedule when I run to HIM!

My "Jesus Calling" devotional today said, "Seek my face more and more...you are really just beginning your journey of intimacy with Me...it is not an easy road....hardships are part of the journey too...trust ME and don't be afraid, for I am your Strength and Song!"


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  1. So well said, my dear friend! Our circles are all around us, weaving back & forth, in & out of our daily lives. How we deal with those circles can very well determine the sojourn that our lives take. Each of us has to figure out the connections we have and feel the joy that can come into our days from them. Love you!


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