♥ good friends ♥

"good friends"
Sounds like the name of a country song!
I'm very thankful tonight for "good friends"!
The kind who you may not see/talk to in months or sometimes even years, but, just like the stars that I don't always see . . . 

"Jesus Calling" this morning read:
Live in the Light of My Presence by fixing your eyes on Me.  Then you will be able to run with endurance the race that is set before you.

"Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim You, who walk in the Light of Your presence, O LORD.  Psalm 89:15

I've struggled some today.  More about "circumstances" and people who I feel have "failed" me.  I've struggled MORE than I should have, because, I should know by now to TURN IT OVER TO HIM!  I HAVE learned to "speak my mind" a bit more than I used to do, yet, I've also learned to "speak it in love" better than I did before as well!  Today, I've "spoken" in my mind all day.  I have still not put things into a real life conversation or down in writing in an e-mail .  .  .  I'm praying that I will wait until the LORD gives me the RIGHT words to share my honest feelings, or not share them if I'm not supposed to!

Just as I was getting ready to crawl into bed tonight, I got an e-mail that there was a comment on my blog!  (That always makes me excited - I never really know if anyone is reading - and it's fun to know someone is!).  Following is an excerpt of the comment that was left on my post from 2/20/12 (you can read it in full HERE!)

"You hit the nail on the head with your "venting"  . . . I've been through that as well -- it feels like "I" stopped existing to them too.  It's so very, very painful . . . Yes, someone may feel a bit awkward at first -- not knowing what to say or what NOT to say.  BUT, being invisible or silent to us is so much worse and hurtful than they can ever imagine.  I guess we need to sweetly educate them to just say "I'm sorry for your loss" . . . That says it all . . . Much love sent to you from one widow to another . . ."

Good Friends . . . 

This comment was written by someone who grew up 1/2 mile from me.  Our moms were best friends.  She was my babysitter (as was her brother - funny story - her brother challenged my brother and me to a "Quiet Contest" once when babysitting us . . . and I WAS THE WINNER!).  We were in Youth Group together.  We rode the school bus together.  We both liked "Ziggy" (anyone else remember him?!).  We both liked Keith Green music.  I visited her at her first apartment when she moved out "on her own" . . . we "shared" many of the usual experiences that teens growing up share.  We also share the title of "widow".  Her husband went to Jesus a little more than a year and 1/2 ago.  She became a "widow" less than a year and 1/2 before I did . . . how could we have ever imagined?  Would we have ever wanted to imagine?  Yet, here we are.  Friends, sisters-in-Christ, and "too-young" widows.  Doesn't make sense to either of us, but, to God it does.  And some day, He will make it all clear to us.  For now, I continue to CHOOSE to trust Him.  And thank Him for sweet friends like Sandi! ♥


  1. I am soooooo glad we are friends, great friends! Ones that can pick up on that conversation after days of not seeing each other. Love you a whole bunch!! :]

    1. I'm glad too, but . . . Anonymous??? Who are you?? !! :)


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