this one's going to be "fluffy"!!

...This is going to be a "fluffy" post . . . Because today was a "fluffy" day . . . you know the kind, the kind you just settle into bed with a satisfied smile on your face . . . one of those kind . . . EVEN though it was a SATURDAY . . . I'm still able to settle in tonight with a smile . . . :)

Here is my day in pictures!! 
Hope you enjoy - I did! 

The day started with these sweet girls baking 100+ cupcakes for their "Healthy Youth Coalition" project at school - and the did it all themselves and even cleaned up the mess!

o.k., I admit, this wasn't INITIALLY a "SMILE" moment . . . THAT is ORANGE FABRIC PAINT - on the ceiling in the kitchen . . . ONLY KAJSA!!  Once I ranted for a moment, I realized how funny it actually was, and took advantage of the "photo-op"!  We're hoping once it is dry, it will kind of be able to be scraped off!

When I went to the mailbox, there were NO BILLS, just this SWEET Valentine's card from my sweet friend, Heaven (yep-that's her REAL name!)!

I went to town today to find a new "dressy dress" (after trying on EVERY DRESS in the house - including Tessa's, Taya's AND Kajsa's - and not finding ONE that we all "liked" - most were dubbed "not age appropriate" for me by my critics!) . . . my mom met me at the mall and bought me this cute dress (hard to see in a self portrait!) for my "Valentine's Day" gift!!  Thanks Mom!  I LOVE it!

I came home to a visit from my sweet friend Bobbi - and she brought me an "Early Valentine's Day" gift basket filled with "spa" treats! (I treated myself to a nice bubble bath, drinking my drink of choice {died Mountain Dew!}, smelling a pretty candle while reading one of my favorite magazines tonight!)  Thanks Pastor & Bobbi - my purple toenails are looking pretty nice too!

Tonight, the cheerleaders put on a "Daddy/Daughter" dance at school.  You'd think it could have been a TERRIBLE night for us, but it was actually pretty fun!  Taya had to be there as she is a cheerleader, but Tessa and Kajsa came along too - just to help out where needed!  This is Tessa with her bosses daughter Ava (and her boss is my bosses wife!!)  I had such a NICE chat with Melanie (Tessa's boss!) while we watched silly Ava dancing . . . It's so good to have good friends, and really awesome to have Christian bosses!

Papa Buck (Rick's Dad) was there with Karlie & Lily, so we took the opportunity for a photo-op with some of the "grands" (Tessa, Taya & Kajsa) and "great-grands" (Lily & Karlie) . . . Oh, how I LOVE my in-laws! ♥

I know this one's a little dark, but it's my sweet "baby" sound asleep next to me as I sit here typing . . . more nights than not, she snuggles in with me for the night . . . and I'm not sure who it's better for - her or me . . . but, I sure do enjoy it! ♥  How can I NOT sleep well with this sweet little face snuggled in next to me?  Down the hall, Tessa, Taya & Katie (Tessa's best friend and one of my "adopted" kids!!♥) are watching a movie - it's so nice to hear their voices and laughter filling the house!

So, though it is SATURDAY, and I miss RICK more and more as each week passes, GOD continues to bless and bless and bless . . . and I'm thankful to HIM that He has sharpened my senses so that I realize all of those "little" blessings . . . they are all a {HUG} from God (and from Rickey!) ♥

♥ goodnight ♥


  1. Awesome! I really love the paint on the ceiling! It was nice to see your day in "pictures" :) Thanks for sharing your "fluffy" day... sounds like a very abundantly blessed day!!!

    Yeah, God definitely has a way of totally turning "those" days into "THOSE!!!" days :)

    Girl, if you ever find yourself doubting God's goodness and faithfulness, you really need to read this AMAZING blog about a woman's journey to a "new normal" after her husband goes to live with Jesus. I mean, God TOTALLY shows up EVERY day to remind her of His love and faithfulness for her in every little detail of her day! It's pretty rockin' cool!!! ;)

    Love ya...(But you know...)

    1. Heaven, I wish Blogger had a "like" button like Facebook!! :) ♥

  2. Wow! That was a fluffy day! I'm so glad it was a Saturday "Fluffy" day!!!


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