He brings JOY ♥

  • church . . . CHECK
  • lots of hugs . . . CHECK
  • a sweet card . . . CHECK
  • gift certificates . . . CHECK
  • gift cards . . . CHECK
  • a visit at my WONDERFUL in-laws . . . CHECK
  • a good workout on the treadmill . . . CHECK
  • lots of laughter & love from my girls . . . CHECK
  • pizza and laughter and love with my brother-in-law & sister-in-law . . . CHECK
  • a visit with an "old" high school friend who stopped in at Brother's Three while were were there . . . CHECK
  • being snuggled up in bed with my sweet BABY snoozing next to me . . . CHECK

Yep, if you figured it out by my checklist, today was ANOTHER "fluffy" day!  A weekend that I thought would be tough.  A weekend when I should have been having a nice dinner out with my VALENTINE.  A weekend that had (what seemed like the whole world) focusing on romantic LOVE.  A weekend that GOD MET ME and HELD ME TIGHTLY and gifted me with JOY . . . yes, Joy, even in the midst of sadness, God does bring Joy! ♥

Jesus Calling (TODAY's reading) . . . "When you look to Me, knowing Me as God with you, you experience Joy! . . . Delight yourself in Me; let Me become the Desire of your heart." . . . I am learning, sometimes VERY SLOWLY, that when I look to HIM, He does fill my desires.  He holds me ever so closely.  He takes away the fear, the loneliness, the sadness, and He fills me with JOY, yes, even joy . . . even on this "Valentine Weekend" . . . without my sweet Valentine.  God is GOOD ♥

I "met" sweet Leah through the internet a month or so ago . . . she is also a widow (too young).  She has a 15 year old daughter.  She is 6 months and one day ahead of me on her Grief Journey.  She is also a Christian who is clinging to the Lord this week.  Her post today can be found by clicking HERE . . . On Tuesday, I will be her featured "guest blogger" . . . that sounds kind of cool - almost like being a guest on Live With Kelly  {ha!}!! :)   On Tuesday, I will link to the post that I wrote for Leah's blog . . . I'm already praying that it will be a blessing to those who read it - will you pray with me - that GOD will be glorified . . . through Rick's life, through his death, through our love and our story . . . ♥  To God Be the Glory ♥!

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