i've got a mansion...

. . . I used to get ready for the day by the mirror that is in our hallway - along with all three girls - "our" bathroom was where Rick got ready for work.  Today, as I was getting ready in "our" bathroom, I was thinking of how we always teased that with Rick living in a house with a wife and three girls, someday, he was going to build himself a little "shack" out in the backyard . . . 

and as I thought that, the song I remember hearing from my childhood came to my mind . . . 

I've got a MANSION, just over the hilltop
In that bright land where we'll never grow old
And someday yonder, I'll never more wander
But walk on streets that are purest gold

Like SO MANY OTHER things, this song SUDDENLY took on NEW meaning for me!  For even though I'm SAD that I can now use the bathroom to get ready in the morning, Rick has WAY MORE than a little shack out back, he has a MANSION . . . he has a home that is more beautiful than any log home that he EVER DREAMED of here on earth!  The reality of my sometimes very lonely days is also the REALITY that HE is walking on STREETS OF PUREST GOLD!!

So, AGAIN this morning, I was AMAZED with God's goodness!  HIS goodness in reminding me that though Rick is gone from me, he is now PRESENT WITH THE LORD.  Though some days, some moments, my heart actually hurts, HE cares about all the little details, and sends reminders of that in so many ways.  Though I can't see clearly, and can't understand God's ways, HIS love is unfailing.  Though I was a bit "melancholy" as I got ready this morning, I was lifted up by the reminder of a song I remember hearing since my childhood.  That in itself another reminder that I'm SO THANKFUL . . . so thankful for the Godly heritage given to me by my parents.  That faith that I can cling to with ALL ASSURANCE at this time in my life!   Yes, God remains GOOD all the time, and ALL THE TIME, HE is gracious enough to send me reminders that HE is GOOD! ♥  

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