Valentine's Day/Anniversary in photos . . . 

The kids ("bigs" and "littles") got me a charm bracelet!!  The green charm is Rick's birthstone, the smaller end ones are a heart and a star and the other larger one says FAITH!  :)  I LOVE it and can't wait to add more charms - I plan to add birthstone ones to honor each of those AWESOME kids & grandkids ♥ (my "support system") that God has BLESSED me with!! :)
(The ring on my ring finger is the same as the one I and each of the little girls have - our memory rings, the one on my thumb is my Grandma Nelson's {mom's mom} wedding ring . . . those two I wear ALL THE TIME!)

Flowers delivered at work, the card, signed EXACTLY as Rick would have signed it on this our 20th Anniversary/Valentine's Day! ♥ Again, those kids of mine . . . they are BEYOND AMAZING! ♥  I could NEVER begin to articulate my LOVE for each of them!  ♥

When we got home, there was an envelope in the mail - a sweet little boy, who I know only as "Micah" made a card for each of us!  (He is in Kristin Lambert's class in Texas - Kristin is my cousin Kevin Newlin's daughter!) 

Jeff & Norma (Kait & Patrick too!) sent us some ♥LOVE from Livonia♥!! :)  They sent "Hugs" & "Kisses" as well as a gift card to Applebee's (one of our FAVORITE places to eat!)

When I was in grade school, I thought it would be SO COOL to have a pen-pal, but rather than go out of my "comfort zone" to a different country, or even a different STATE, I picked one from Michigan!  Her name at the time was Renee Jamieson, and she lived in Reed City, Michigan.  We corresponded for several years and had the chance for a {brief} meeting when our schools played each other in a basketball championship game when we were both freshmen in high school {March of 1981 - my team won and we went on to be STATE CHAMPS!}.  We lost contact after that point, briefly connecting several years back and then re-connecting {through Facebook} about a year ago.  Renee sent us some AWESOME chocolate covered strawberries (another favorite!) ♥

As you can see, a day that I had been dreading a bit, turned into a day full and overflowing with love and blessings!  Each of them a reminder of the wonderful love that Rick and I were blessed with for 20 years!  He may not have been physically present with us on Tuesday (or any other day), but he was "here" with us as he will always be . . . in the little things and the big things . . . ♥  We love you Rick! ♥

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  1. Sheila, I am so happy for you that your family and friends made your first Valentine's Day without your sweetheart, and what would have been your 20th Anniversary, an extra special day of commemoration! We are all so blessed to know that the Lord's promises are true and we won't be required to make this journey alone.
    Hugs to you dear one!


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