the BEST things in life!

Looking FORWARD to LOTS of the above in the next 10 days! :)

Though there will ALWAYS be an empty spot during our vacation, that spot where Rick should be, we WILL take the time to ENJOY those best things in life that ARE free!  We have learned all too quickly how it can change in the blink of an eye and nothing is ever the same . . . so, I will post as I can, but if I don't, please trust that I'm enjoying lots of hugs, smiles, friends, kisses (well maybe not so many of those!!), family, SLEEP, love, laughter and NEW, GOOD memories - thanks to my AWESOME brother-in-law & sister-in-law, Tim & Rochet !!  The NEW memories will never replace the OLD ones, yet, they will color some sunshine into our lives, reminding us, once again that we CAN and we WILL move forward - by God's grace!

Thank you to everyone who is and has been praying for us . . . as we embark on this first BIG JOURNEY without Rick by our sides, I can FEEL the support that we have received over the past {almost} 5 months from GOD, our family and our friends. 

I'm also reminded as I try to focus on getting done what needs to be done to leave on vacation how EXCITED I am feeling . . . and how that excitement PALES in comparison to the EXCITEMENT that I have when I long for my Heavenly home! :)  

For the loving faces that await us, the beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures, the boats whose holes are plugged with bubble gum (private joke for Tim!), the love, the laughter and the memories awaiting us in GEORGIA are NOTHING compared to what GOD has in store for us in Heaven  . . .  the GLORIES that Rick is already experiencing!!

So, this "vacation preparation" is nothing like I've ever done before!  Me, who IS the "independent one" still hasn't ever done this much "on my own" . . . but, I'm not alone, no never alone, for GOD is always by my side, the 3 treasures that He blessed us with are also by my side and Rick's LOVE will always be in my heart ♥ As we spread our wings and "fly" tomorrow, God will be with us, as will Rick's love and encouragement, that will never leave . . . and until that glorious day when we meet again in Heaven and Rick is waiting there to greet us, we will move FORWARD, living, loving, laughing and enjoying ALL the blessings that God bestows on us each and every day! ♥

THIS  ^^ is what we woke up to this morning!!  

THIS ^^ is the 5-day forecast for Tim & Rochet's house and the Lake House!!  Aaaahhhhhhh! :)
Yep, I'm excited! 

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