This picture caught my eye - partly because I LOVE daisies (we received a vase of 55 of them at Rick's memorial service - thank you BEV ♥) and partly because it represents that even in barren places (kind of like life has felt for the past 4 months), God can let BEAUTY (like this daisy - and some of the "good stuff" that happened today) break through!

. . .  today was quite a day!  Work was good, pretty normal (as normal as a middle/high school office can be!)!  Just before I left for the evening, I had a nice chat with my boss.  I was again reminded of how BLESSED I am to have a Christian boss and several Christian co-workers . . . in the midst of a "public" school - that is a big part of why returning to work was such a good thing for me!

After work, I stopped and tanned and then got my things together to run (literally) to church!  But, it was REALLY windy and I had grabbed a backpack which made running pretty awkward, so walking it was (in the rain just before I got to church!).  Our newly formed "ladies group" met for the second time tonight, and I left just feeling BLESSED! ♥ 

As if that wasn't ENOUGH to send me to bed contented, I also got an e-mail from "Circle of Moms" . . .

Thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE who voted and kept us in the TOP 25!!  A total of 122 blogs from all over were included, so, I'm thinking to make it into the TOP 25 (actually tied for #16) isn't bad for a "brick-layer's family from Wallace"!  . . . That is a reference to what "Uncle Gary" (the funeral director) said to me after Rick's memorial service!  He told me it was one of the largest services they had ever had and that it wasn't "bad for a brick-layer from Wallace"!  What a compliment, and a testimony to my dear Rickey . . . even MORE proof of HOW LOVED he was, and how WELL he loved others!  I'm just so sad that my blogging "success" has to have come at such a price. :(  I HAVE prayed though, since that moment in the hospital when I said to the girls "Daddy IS IN HEAVEN", that somehow, someway, GOD would be glorified.  That Rick's legacy of love for us, the outdoors, others and HIS LORD could be shared and bring others to HIM!  Maybe this is part of the answer to that prayer!  Please pray with me that GOD WOULD BE GLORIFIED through this!

Taya came to Tessa this evening, after the contest closed and said to Tessa, "Mom's blog of "inspiring families" finished in 16th place . . . know what that means? . . . We're INSPIRING"!! If she only knew!  Those 5 kids ARE my inspiration!  They ARE my tangible link to their wonderful Daddy.  They ARE the lights in my life . . . and I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART! ♥

Here's where you come in . . . I have to complete an "on-line interview" in the next couple of weeks (by MARCH 21).  Part of that is to include my 3 "favorite" posts.  I'm not SURE what ones I'd choose!  If you have time, could you read back through and let me know what YOUR favorites were? You can comment BELOW to let me know, or if you'd rather be more "private" you can e-mail me at rickslegacy@gmail.com.  I'd really appreciate your help!

As I turn in tonight, I'm {again} amazed by my GREAT GOD who can do exceedingly, abundantly above ALL that I could ever ask or think!  To HIM be the power and the honor and the glory FOREVER! ♥

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