Good thoughts!

Aahhhh! I am finding that having time to just enjoy my girls in the evening is one of the most wonderful gifts I have received in a long time!

So,with that thought in mind, I saw this "poem" (?) today and it's perfect! I find I am often repeating 2 thoughts, people don't "get" it and I miss being Rick's "priority". This says it well!


  1. You could have written this, but really, you have. This is what you have been posting all along about your own feelings. I'm glad you are taking time for you & your girls. It is necessary oh independent one!!

  2. Anonymous . . . who are you?? You can e-mail me at mom2ttk@gmail.com if you don't want to post it here! I just want you to know that you have had me smiling/laughing this morning! "Oh, independent one" . . . yep, that's me - I actually remember driving out of the cemetery after the burial, on that cloudy, dreary, snowy day, saying "Thank you Lord that I'm independent"! Not in a self-sufficient way, or an "I don't need anyone" way, but that I CAN do for myself and the girls! I was thankful that I was independent enough to take care of most of the daily tasks that face me/us and that I was DEPENDENT enough on the Lord to realize that ALL that enters my life has not first gone through HIS hands . . . so even in THAT DARKEST moment in my life thus far, I could KNOW that I could TRUST Him! My parents equipped me well to "do life" . . . emotionally and spiritually . . . and because of their loving guidance, I am INDEPENDENT - it a good way!! :)

    1. Well said. You are independent in a good way, HALLELUJAH!! Keep in mind that you, independent one, will put yourself on the back burner in your quest to take care of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else! Not realizing until YOU are out of propane that you too have important needs, even if it is something as simple as 20 minutes of down time!


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