It's late, I'm tired and WE HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW!!
I worked at school on Monday.  Tuesday I worked the election - and though that is a LONG day, it is a day I do really enjoy!  It's fun to see people that I don't see on a regular basis, and it's always fun to catch up and visit with my election workers!  THEN . . . we had 2 SNOW DAYS !!!  So, 6:15 is going to come WAY TOO FAST tomorrow morning, but, on a POSITIVE note, it is FRIDAY!! 

When something in your life or thoughts makes you anxious, come to Me and talk about it . . . "Thank You Jesus, for this opportunity to trust You more". . . though the lessons of trust that I send to you come wrapped in difficulties, the benefits far outweigh the cost . . .My Peace, is such an all-encompassing gift that it is independent of all circumstances.  Though you lose everything else, if you gain My Peace you are rich indeed.  ~ Jesus Calling

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.  Isaiah 26:3

Again, another reminder of the PEACE that passes understanding!

The last couple of posts, I have asked you to click on the 
"CIRCLE OF MOMS TOP 25 VOTE FOR ME" button on the side bar.  If you have voted, THANK YOU . . . I have moved up to #20 and am inching towards #19!

Someone asked me what I "win" if I end up in the "Top 25", and that's a good question!  There is no monetary prize or no "gift" that will be received.  The "Circle of Moms" network reaches millions of moms and tries to connect them with resources they need.  In making it into one of their top 25 lists, your blog is featured and promoted.  They do a short interview (not sure if it's written or by phone??) and you receive a "button" for your blog to link to that interview.  Really, that's it.  What it would give is more exposure to our story, to Rick's story & his legacy and to God's story . . . the one He is writing for us every day!

I like to talk (duh!) and I enjoy writing.  I used to think that someday I'd like to be able to be like one of those ladies at "women's retreats" who are the speakers, or that one day, I'd like to write something that could encourage people.  But, I led kind of a quiet, unassuming life.  I never felt like I had much of a "story" to tell . . . raised in a Christian home, pretty much a "good' Christian girl, no drugs, no alcohol . . . you know, nothing that makes a "story"!  Shortly after Rick's death, my mom said, "Well, NOW you have a story to tell"!  And she was right!  I have prayed since then that I would be able to reach others through this tragedy in our lives.  For again, I must say, our "tragedy" was Rick's greatest VICTORY!  Our loss was his GAIN.  His legacy has become MY story.  If others can be drawn closer to God through this, that is my prayer, and I KNOW that would be Rick's prayer as well.  He'd LOVE to see each and every person who hears our story in Heaven someday . . . and I bet he'll be RIGHT there waiting you welcome you . . . just like he was every Sunday at the doors of Country Bible Church!

So, that's it.  There isn't a big "prize" that I'm shooting for.  Actually, to keep writing is to continue to grieve publicly. Yet, it is also a way to praise publicly.  I'm trusting God for direction in this!  If He wants me to share on a "broader scale" He will open the doors He wants opened, if not, He will close them!  I'd still LOVE to have you keep on voting for me - the contest runs through 5:00 p.m. PST March 7, 2012!  

Thank you! ♥

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