...make me feel special!

 . . . when my eyes aren't on HIM, NOTHING goes right!

That's not very profound, but, oh, so true.  Yesterday, that was the theme of my day.  Poor me, it's the 5th.  Poor me, most people forgot exactly WHAT the 5th means to me.  Poor me . . . . Now, SOME of the things in my day yesterday DID stink.  Let's be real!  Of course it did!  But, if I continue to dwell on all the details that piled up, life would become overwhelming.  If I don't look to the Lord and give it ALL to HIM, I will be overtaken!  I heard a good quote the other day, I know I won't get it exactly right, but it basically said, "When Satan comes knocking, just say, Jesus, will you get that for me?"  I like that . . . the REMINDER to give it ALL to Jesus, ALL the time!

I also recently read that you should imagine that every person that you come in contact with is wearing a sign around their neck that says, "Make me feel special"!  So, today, when my devo read:

Continue on this path with Me, enjoying My Presence even in adversity . . . I am always before you, as well as alongside you . . . I am everywhere at every time, ceaselessly working on your behalf . . . 

Well, THAT was a good reminder, EVEN IN ADVERSITY (I sure felt like there was LOTS of that yesterday) . . . I am ALWAYS before you (I'm not worried about tomorrow, Jesus is already there!) as well as ALONGSIDE you (holding my hand, step-by-step!).  So He's in my tomorrow, He's right alongside me, and He was there yesterday . . . "Where can I go from Your  Spirit?  Where can I flee from Your Presence?"  Psalm 139:7.

With that reminder greeting me first thing this morning, I decided that I WOULD try to imagine every person I came in contact with wearing that sign:


I certainly failed, many times throughout the day.  BUT, what a difference it made in my outlook . . . the thought kept coming back to me, it's not about ME, make "them" feel special!  The outlook of my day changed!  I'm going to try it again tomorrow, and hopefully it will become a habit!

A quick update on yesterday's "trials" . . . no visits or phone calls from the police today . . . only one or two red trucks . . . no emergency calls while my girls were "out and about" . . . no sitting "alone" at a sporting event . . . and a VERY helpful person in billing at the hospital . . . she is taking care of everything and couldn't have been more apologetic and helpful! ♥  God redeems my "mess" and still chooses to BLESS me!

Tonight after school, I went running (it was SO NICE outside!) and I went tanning (to get ready for Georgia!)!  I actually ran to where I tan (not an intentional rhyme!), which is just over 1.5 miles from home.  I tanned and then ran back home!  So a good workout and some relaxation all in one shot!  There was NOTHING else on our agenda either.  Tessa got home from work just as I got home from my run, and we all stayed home the rest of the evening!  It was so NICE - even though it's after 10 and I'm STILL UP!  I'm on track to turn in earlier than most nights though!

God IS good.  Life IS hard.  Where I put my trust and where my eyes are fixed WILL determine the course of my day.  I'm praying that I will continue to learn that lesson.  It's the way Rick lived!  I don't think he ever heard the "Make Me Feel Special" thought, yet, that IS how he lived - he had a genuine interest in others, in what they were doing, in how they were doing, he DID make people feel special.  Amazing how I'm still learning from him!  I don't think that will ever change - I hope that never changes!  Thank you Rickey for always making us feel special, and Lord, help me to do the same for others! ♥

 . . . and speaking of RICKEY . . . less than 24 hours to vote in the Top 25 contest.  I'm still in it - and never imagined I'd be.  I'm praying that if God wants me to share Rick's legacy and God's goodness in this way that I will end up in the top 25 . . . and if not, I'll know that's from HIM as well!  Thanks to all who have voted.  I DID receive an e-mail this morning from the administrators of the site letting me know that I was currently in the top 25 and if I stayed there,  I'd hear something within 48 hours of the close of the contest (4:00 p.m. PST tomorrow 3/7)!  I'll keep you posted!

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