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Today was ANOTHER day that I was BLESSED by friends!
Text messages, e-mails, Facebook messages, goodie bags, a wonderful meal (for tomorrow - which included some AMAZING brownies with peanut butter frosting - those are already almost GONE!), GREAT conversation & fellowship at our ladies group . . . BLESSINGS from GOD through good friends!

My Jesus Calling devotional today started out with "Do not hesitate to receive JOY from me."    . . . that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.  Ephesians 3:19.

Yesterday, maybe "really" for the first time since November 5, I had the thought that "life is good", and it SHOCKED me when I thought it!  And then today, my devotional confirmed that it is o.k. for it to be good!  It is o.k. to receive JOY from the Lord - and the friends HE chooses to use to bring me renewed JOY and HOPE for the future!  

Here's a QUICK example . . . before I got to work, I got this text: 

Yes, I have good friends, and an even GREATER God!  It is not only o.k. for "life to be good", but He, Himself in the BIBLE tells me it will be o.k. . . . He will RESTORE, CONFIRM, STRENGTHEN, and ESTABLISH me!  What an amazing promise!  And I know that it is a PROCESS.  Some days good, some days not so good.  The passage does start out with, "After you have suffered" . . . I know that my "suffering" is FAR from over, but it is followed with "a little while" - which means it is not a permanent state.  Each day He sends good my way.  Good to remind me that HE does have good in store for my life.  Good to remind me that He is restoring my heart.  Good to remind me that HE will carry me when I cannot carry the burden any longer!  And good to remind me that not only do my friends send me verses to encourage me, but sweet Molly PRAYED THIS VERSE OVER ME!  Asking that the love of JESUS CHRIST wash over me in abundance!  How could I not let HIS love wash over me anew feeling COVERED in LOVE and PRAYER to start my day?! ♥

I'm SO THANKFUL for all the reminders HE sends my way!  I'm SO THANKFUL for HIS promises!  I'm SO THANKFUL HE sends me FRIENDS ♥

So, tonight, again, I can say "life is good" and "GOD IS GOOD"!

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