HIS grace is sufficient for ME! ♥

I have internet again!

We are all happy about that!

With all of us using the internet all the time, you don't know how you miss it until it's gone!! I had SO MANY e-mails to look through it was CRAZY!! :)

And, I'm tired, even though I did pretty much NOTHING today!  Except for mark out the route for the 5K Fun Run/Walk our church is sponsoring to raise money for the church's mission's trip to LIBERIA this summer . . . and then I ran the route, just to check it out - and it was cold (38 degrees) and WINDY and there are 2 nice sized hills on the route - which means you go UP them FOUR times!!  

Anyway, a sweet new friend of mine sent me a Facebook message which included the verse above as well as this quote:

"Unshakable faith comes from having your faith shaken"!

I think that and the verse above area AMAZING!!  And a "sermon" on their own for tonight.  Another proof that God IS good!

Yes, God is GOOD! ♥ 

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