Sometimes SIMPLE says it best!

Today was a Monday . . . and a rainy Monday!  Good thing "Rainy days and Mondays DON'T get me down!"  It was a BUSY, but good day!  Tonight I got to attend a new Bible Study that I was invited to, and I'm very excited about it!  It is with a bunch of great ladies - most of who I've been friends with for quite awhile, but some who I don't yet know!

"Waiting, trusting and hoping are intricately connected . . ." ~ Jesus Calling

Waiting, trusting and hoping, and they all come back to that simple statement


I am learning each day to WAIT on HIM.  For I have surely learned that NOTHING happens in MY time.  I remind myself moment by moment to TRUST . . . because when I forget to TRUST and take my eyes off of HIM, I quickly begin to falter.  HOPING . . . I have HOPE for my future, here on earth, safely in HIS embrace, and even more importantly, BEYOND this earth and on to HEAVEN, I am HOPEFUL of my one day being reunited with Rick, and even more importantly, my Lord and Savior!

This morning, as I was getting ready for work the news was on .  This is nothing new as we always have the news on as we get ready (channel 11 - because that's Rick favorite newscast!).  Today, they had a special sports story about a wrestler who had numbness and tingling in his neck/arm and had to take a break from wrestling and have surgery.  I was only listening with half of my attention on the T.V. until I heard that the young man was back to wrestling after the surgery that he had.  The surgery during which cadaver bone was used to repair his injury.  He had this surgery late in November.  Now, I KNOW the likelihood that our "yes" to donation was actually the "donor" for this young man is VERY SLIM, but still!  It was a story that made me happy and sad at the same time!  Sad because we had to make the choice to say yes to donation, yet happy that we did and because we did, others, like this young man, have been given a second chance at a fulfilling life!  It was a good reminder that because we were able to say "yes" that day, others have received gifts that no amount of money could buy . . . and in that, Rick lives on!

Daily, God gives me reminders . . . reminders that He is there, that ALL things (life AND death) are in HIS timing.  Daily I am waiting on His mercies and blessings that he bestows on us, trusting that HE does know more than I do, and hoping for the future He has prepared for us!

"Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD."
Psalm 27:14

"Do not let your hearts be troubles.  Trust in God."
John 14:1

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