"How precious to me are Your thoughts, God!  How vast is the sum of them!"
Psalm 139:17

I'm realizing that I'm developing a BAD pattern . . . I TRY to fit too much into each day, running out of "daylight" before I'm through with all of the "to-do" lists running around in my mind.  So, tonight, my goal is to be quick, though that's easier said than done!

My days are so full of blessings from God, reminders of Rick, and moments that I want to share, that some days it's hard to pick WHAT to write!   My days are filled with lots of loving . . . even on the "bad" days, I'm always reminded that HE is always thinking of me and LOVING me!

Even though today was a SATURDAY, it WAS a good day.  God makes each one just a little easier!  The girls & I did some shopping, some wandering and looking, some cleaning and some cooking (and baking).  Along with some crafting, lots of laughing and lots of loving!  I AM learning to savor moments better, and to appreciate the little things (like coming in to my room finding that Kajsa made the bed for me - including putting on the clean sheets!)!

Tonight, though, I want to pause for a moment to mention two very special people in my life.  I share often about my girls as they are all living with me.  I spend each day with them.  So, naturally, they are a topic of my writings on a regular basis.  Tonight though, I'd like to give a huge shout-out to my two "other kids"!  I'm not their mom.  I never have been, and never will be.  They have a wonderful  mom who did a GREAT job raising them!  I though, have the honor of calling them my step-kids and for that, I'm thankful and proud!  Life as a step-family was NOT always easy.  It was REALLY hard at many points if I want to be completely honest!  However, God in HIS perfect timing, made being a step-family much better in the past few years!  The "big" kids became more involved in our family - and Rick in their lives.  God restored broken relationships and allowed restoration in many relationships involved in this step-family journey!  Because Rick, and the "big kids" mom have allowed me (and their step-dad) to love on their kids, I have received BLESSINGS beyond measure!  I was reminded of this tonight as I received a Facebook message from Ashley.  She just wanted to say, she (they) love me and she wanted me to know she was thinking about me!  She wanted me to know that even though we don't talk every day, they think of me often and that the girls and I are in her thoughts and prayers - as she is in ours!  

Yes, Rick left a LEGACY!  He left a LEGACY of living and loving, giving and forgiving, loving life and loving God, and he left me 5 of the greatest treasures that I could ever ask for!  I am so THANKFUL for each and every one of these 5 kids (and spouses and the grand kids)!

Yes, God does think of me CONSTANTLY, and He sends these wonderful children to me as a tangible reminder that HE is ALWAYS there!  He sends me them to love and be loved! ♥

I love you Nickolas Roger, Ashley Beth , Tessa Joy, Taya Jill & Kajsa Jo 
(Ashley Marie, Brian, Presten, Daila, Maddie, Ty & Lila too!♥)

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