... someone changed the clocks ...

"Spring Ahead"

I have NEVER liked "losing" an hour of sleep - I ENJOY sleeping!

I really ENJOY gaining extra daylight though, (especially with temperatures for the coming week predicted in the 60's!)

"Fall Back"

We "Fell Back" 18 weeks ago . . . we "Fell Back" on November 5th/6th.

The actual "time change" happens overnight, so clocks get changed before bed.  And if you are me (and a "tad bit" OCD at times), you change your clocks early in the day on Saturday - one thing to check off of the day's "to-do" list.  So, I'm pretty sure that on November 5, I changed many of the clocks BEFORE we planned to head up to the gathering at Hunting Camp.  At least, I imagine that I did that.  Maybe I didn't.  I honestly can't remember! I KNOW all our clocks WERE changed.  I just can't tell you how.  I do know that an extra hour in that day never crossed my mind.  An hour added or an hour taken away still would not change the course of the day, the outcome of the day. Until the "Spring Ahead" reminders started popping up, I'd forgotten when we "Fell Back" . . . yet again, ANOTHER reminder.  And another reminder that "life goes on".  That another "season" is soon upon us.

"You are Mine for all time - and beyond time, into eternity...I want you to realize how utterly secure you are...I will never let go of your hand...be on the lookout for ALL i am doing...My way is perfect." ~ Jesus Calling

Today, I stopped in at Gary & Bev's house.  They are Rick's {former} brother & sister-in-law, yet they always remained close.  Gary has referred to Rick as his "favorite brother-in-law".  The girls have ALWAYS called them "Uncle" & "Aunt", and, Rick has always been close to their children.  They are some of my favorite people as well!  They are also the local funeral directors.  Talk about the blessing and the "curse" of small town life!  Imagine losing a family member, a best friend, someone your kids adore, yet having to remain "professional" and do what you are called to do.....WOW!  But, this wonderful couple (and their nephew who works with them) do it with dignity and grace!  I consider myself truly blessed to have them in my life!  I actually stopped to see Bev for a minute, but she wasn't home and I ended up talking to Gary (for almost 2 hours!).  Some of our conversation was amazingly good for ME and just what I needed - didn't I just blog last night about how God gives us JUST what (who) we need just when we need it (them)?  And, again, today, He did just that!  

I am still "processing" some of the things we talked about, I'm still smiling over a hunting story Gary shared (a hunting story involving Rick IMAGINE THAT!!)!! My heart is still swelled with renewed love and respect for "Uncle" Gary, for the man of God he is and for the WONDERFUL love he had for Rick.  I don't like for anyone to be hurting, but it sure was good to talk with yet another person who loved Rick SO MUCH and whose life was impacted, and hopefully changed by the lessons we have learned from Rick...in life and even in death. ♥

Tonight as we "Spring Ahead", I will look forward to this "new season" that is upon us. I will NEVER forget the "season" we have just passed through, or ALL of the seasons before, but I WILL also look forward.  To the future that GOD HAS prepared for us.  TRUSTING that HE is in the tomorrows of this journey . . . knowing that He has been in each day through this moment.  I will continue to CHOOSE to trust, to rest, to believe and to grow.

...He makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with His hand!  Psalm 37:23-24


  1. Sheila, I loved this post! You have a beautiful,wounded, but healing heart. I pray this "new season" brings many moments of JOY as God heals your heart, and that you will sense His presence like never before! Hugs to you, dear one!

  2. Thanks! God IS healing! He is so good to us!


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